Mandar Karanjkar is a Pune based author, motivational speaker and consultant. Mandar is author of ‘The Kabir Way – Actionable Insights for Organisations and Individuals’, a book which applies Saint Kabir’s wisdom to business management.

Through his consulting firm Seed Shower, Mandar is closely working with startups and organisations, helping them succeeding in their communication efforts.

Mandar and Dakshayani have together started Baithak Foundation, a non-profit which works to promote Indian Classical Music in the society, especially underprivileged kids.

Dakshayani Athalye is Managing Trustee of Baithak Foundation, a Pune based registered charity working to promote Indian Classical Music.

Dakshayani is a published author and has co-authored Marathi Novel, Pi-Premachi Kimmar Kay along with Mandar.

Mandar will be delivering a talk at the BDB Book Club, a social initiative of BDB India Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading strategy and management consulting firms out there.

The session will be held on Saturday, 27th April 10.30 am to 1 pm. The session will be held at Sumant Mulgaonkar Auditorium, MCCIA Tower, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune.

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  1. hi mandar ,myself prashant from mumbai
    i read about jaganath kunte from your site .. i also read their books..i satisfied…
    but i want to meet JAGANATH KUTE … if your having their phone number/ address… plz mail it to me on mail id….… my contact no is 9967021050
    …. thanks

  2. मंदार जी नमस्कार !
    मी व माझे काही मित्र मुकुल जींचे खूप चाहते आहोत… त्यांची मैफिल विनामूल्य ठाणे परिसरात आयोजित करायचा आमचा विचार आहे … याबाबत आपण काही मार्गदर्शन करू शकाल का ? तसेच , कृपया मुकुल जिचे काही recordings असतील तर आपण पाठवू शकाल का ?

    सचिन रमाकांत भुर्के

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