What is needed is De-programming

A very interesting fact about Nomadic people is that they use hypnoltism very effectively.Nomadic people need to go in forests to meet their needs.At such times it is impossible to look after small babies, they should not run out into the forests.So the tact they implement is that from the very childhood they used to draw a circle around the children and hypnotised them that they cannot come out of the circles.And it works.The reason behind it can be explained from a very significant  statement of Richard Feynman.Feynman says-

“What I cannot create, I cannot think of it”

As the sentence itself says, all our thinking; is just result of our conditioning.We are really unable to think beyond it.Whatever creative we think,it is what we can create or rather which rests within programming of our mind.So, all the spiritual teachers and mystics focus on only one thing-Break the programming of your mind.

When we deal with the truth,truth is incomprehensible for our mind.The reason lies in the fact that truth is something which can be received in no mind.Our conventional programmed mind is not capable of even thinking wh at truth means.The programming can be broken in a number of ways.Zen people used to concentrate mind at a point and then used to blow it in a single blow;while the approach  of Gurdjieff was of crystallization of mind.But the aim was the same



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  1. Michael A. Gottlieb Avatar

    Feynman did not say, “What I cannot create, I cannot think of it”. He wrote “What I cannot create I do not understand.” This was written on the blackboard in his office at Caltech. Here is a picture of it at the time of Feynman’s death: http://www.archives.caltech.edu/pictures/1.10-29.jpg

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Thank you very much for the correction! May be from some website or somewhere I got wrong info or may be, it may be a error by me……
    Any way,thanks a lot for putting me right!! 🙂

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