A 'Belief Breaker': The need of time…

Jail Cell

Once upon a time, a very deadly monster came to a sage and asked him,”Please tell me what is an illusion”.The sage told the poor creature to sit inside a near by cave and asked him to continuously think for two days that he had horns.The monster want inside the cave and closing his eyes started to think that he had grown horns.

Three days passed.The monster was still inside the cave.So after waiting for such a long time,the sage went to the cave and shouted,”Aren’t you coming out my dear fellow? “The ghost shouted from inside,”For whole day I am trying to come out,but these horns are caught up in the roof of the cave so I am n0t able even to move an inch.” The sage slapped him and said,”You fool! open your eyes!!Where are the horns?”

So I think what we need to invent is a ‘Belief Breaker’.For thousands of years we are carrying over the head the same rotten horns of our belief and are caught up in the cave of darkness.I really think if humanity needs to invent something, it is this ‘belief breaker’.

It is really difficult to understand to what extent belief system cripples us.Belief makes a person incapable of thought.One more point is that where there is belief,there is no knowledge.When one knows,there is no need of belief.Belief exists for something which you cannot understand.Belief is created where we are supposed to be kept blind deliberately.Rather than belief,I love the trust.

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  1. Sourav Avatar

    So true, we need to break free, we need to breathe fresh! The picture says a thousand story!

    First time on your blog, you are invited back too! 🙂

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Yes my friend,i m a regular reader….. 🙂

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