A dog on the boat club

A dog on the boat club

Being established from the time of British people,our college has a boat-club.None of us knows much about these boats but each and every one agrees that it is the nicest place in our college to be.In india,such place is also loved by a creature named as dog.In India,generally no one is bothered by these dogs;rather people enjoy feeding them from their own plates.

The result of this whole situation is we have a large number of dogs with us on our boat-club which is increasing remarkably.Out of all these dogs,I remember one dog very remarkably.This dog,unlike others,was not at all interested in the food we used to offer.He was in love with us.He could recognize us from the very sound of our footsteps.

This dog was very much interested in girls.Though he loved us,he without a single thought would run away if he spotted a descent girl.The purpose of remembering the dog is that,just a few days before he died in a car accident while crossing the road.Many students were in tears.We were really missing the fellow.Just a few days after a she-dog on the boat club gave birth to 7 puppies each and everyone just replacing their dad.Everyone was happy again……






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