A temple in the river and mystical mystic

Currently I am on my visit to Gondiya, which is the youngest District in the state of Maharashtra. Gondiya has been blessed with huge forests and a very rich wild life. Along with all this, there are many temples each having its own story, each having its own legend.

Temple in the river

I go on wandering without fault when I am there. So, one day was reserved especially for a temple which I used to see while going through my car. This temple was at the very center of the river flow and was accessible only for particular span of the year. So, one day was specially reserved for this temple.

The temple was a normal temple with the priest claiming it to be an awakened temple, where all the wishes are granted. I did not have any wish so was wandering outside the temple. Then, we went to one small room which was used by a mystic to live. He was a Sarpanch and left his job all of the sudden and did not come out of that room for a long time of 35 years.

I do not know anything about the mystic. This country is full of people who claim to be a mystic. There are innumerable stories of people being cheated by these mystics. So, when you go to the place of a mystic, your mind is always more doubtful than having trust. So, I did not know the mystic, but the place created a very mystical mood within me.

A beautiful Bhajan was being sung by some local singer which was of far lower quality than what I always hear. Notes of the singer were imperfect, but the ambiance was perfect, totally mystical. The singer was asking human being to wake up. He was constantly saying just two lines- Ab jag jara, Ab jag jara (Please wake up now, please wake up a bit.) This sincere request, touched my heart and yes, I was awake for a moment. That moment was enough for me.

It was a dark night. I was walking back to my car through the sands of the dried river. The song was still haunting me, still appealing mystic inside me- Please wake up now, please wake up a bit………

With heavy feet and sad heart, i started the car and left for the home……





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