All our life is just a pretension……

Each and every human being lives in a myth that what he does is only the meaningful thing.Each and every human being,at the bottom of his heart feels that he is living his life honestly,that his search of truth in life is authentic.He honestly goes to the temple.Many a times he donates a lot.Whenever he crosses any temple,he will pay offerings.And this goes on everywhere.Let it be India or America.This is a human tendency.Each human being sets or decides something as holy.He does it honestly.At this time,i remember Rabindranath Tagore.He in one his poems says that this is all pretension.Your holiness,your offerings….just a show….just a game.

At first time,it seems controversial,but it is the truth.Whole life of man is nothing but a pretension.A world created around,to keep yourself distinguished.The man’s search of truth,his prayers,offerings….just a game.When actual truth comes in front,we just pull back,cling to self created illusion.Our quest of truth,is bogus………






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  1. Neeraj Avatar

    But isn’t that act,which may be pretentious,making the people happy?,may it be wrong..How will they realise what is TRUE and what is not?

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar
      Mandar Karanjkar

      Truth can be realised when one is conscious and aware…..if you are doing wrong things with awareness,in a very little time,you will not be able to do it.Wrong can be done only in ignorance and not in awareness.

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