The story of Horizon

A drop….

lying in the soil, watching sky….

the sky wondered, why?

What can be the relation, between a timid drop and the mighty sky?

It could see, the drop watching it, without fail.

It could see, the drop willing to reach there.

The sky laughed, roaring.

Infinite I am, at an unreachable height, try you might.

The timid drop of consciousness was hurt……

With burning desire to show sky its position, the seed grown in a tree…..

Growing and still growing aiming at the sky, was frightened the sky.

The drop said, i will go through you, even higher an higher.

Tearing you through your chest of ego….

Sky realized, he can easily go……

Wait a moment the mighty drop,

I bow down to you it said in a shock.

It was will of a seed unbound,

Thats why, at horizon,

sky touches the ground……..







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  1. Snehal Avatar

    nice story..unique thinking..

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