Art is always purposeless

It is said, that a purpose given to a thing reduces its value. Things which have no purpose are always beautiful, precious, priceless. When we attach some purpose to these things, they start to deteriorate. This same rule holds true for art. An art should always be purposeless.

Applications should have a purpose to them; but art is rather insight and innovation rather than application. Art can be on its highest peaks only when it is purposeless. A poem, written by a poet just out of nothing is much more beautiful than the poem he writes for some purpose i.e. for some theme, for a movie or book etc. May be, for art, purposelessness is divine; when you talk of purposes, you are making art worldly. You are bringing it again back in the world of humans from a divine world.

When there is a purpose, it means there is a human will. Presence of human will means going away from the divine flow. Art always blossoms when it is with divine flow rather than a human will……






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