Bring the Toys!

Buddha has a wonderful quotation on his credit. The quote says, ‘What works is the Truth’ It happens that many times, truth does not work and then we have to invent lies. Same happens also in the case of spiritual journey. A master many a times needs to invent false stories to keep his disciples moving. To explain this behavior, Buddha used to tell a very wonderful story.

One day, a man had gone out for his work. He had his two small children, left alone at the home. When he was out, children used to play. That particular day, when the man came back to his home, he found that his house was set on fire. He suddenly went inside to find out what happened to the children. To his surprise, fortunately, children were isolated from the fire and engaged in their game.

The father came hurriedly inside and ask them to vacate the house. It was first time that the children saw fire. They did not know anything about the fire and started to enjoy the scene. Father somehow realize that to take children out, some lie has to be invented.

“Come out to see what toys I have bought for you!” he shouted and in moments, children were out of house.

Same is the case with spiritual masters. We do not understand truth many times. Many times, we ignore the truth. So, master has to invent a lie, he has to bring the toys!





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  1. Lokesh Walase Avatar
    Lokesh Walase

    Nicely written , indeed thought-provoking , I liked it………Congrats Mandar !! 🙂

  2. vinayak khairnar Avatar
    vinayak khairnar

    nice Thought it teaches many things ……..great work mandar


    manasala kahi goshti direct sangital tar tela apman vatato,mag eka gavat ek raj hota.ek jangalat ek vagh hota asa khoti goshta sangalayala lagtat,evda karun sudha mansa kahi sudhranar nahit-bhandan karat rahanar

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