Cannot Things Just Be?

We have built a great structure of morality a big structure of ethics all around us.The thing which we boast about most often is our morality.Each generation is happy and satisfied that it is handing over a great bunch of moral values to its next generation.But deep down I see a very cunning and non-spiritual intensions behind all these morals.

The very first thing that this morality is not self generated.It is generated out of some very cunning things.Some religion propagate that  feed dogs daily and as a return you will have all your opponents defeated.Some religions say that go to the temples so that you will get the respect.It is often taught that love others because only then others will love you.Where these if and thens come,their vanishes the morality.Where there are ifs and thens,there exists mind and mind is nothing but what spirituality asks to transcend.

Real morality exists for nothing.It expects nothing in return.No money,no respect not even love.Morality means simply giving and giving and giving.Without any rule without any expectation.The religion coming out of this morality is authentic one and not the dummy one.The persons coming from such religion are what we call as ‘religious’.Humans coming from ‘Dependant’ morality which we are practicing are nothing but the perverts and poor repressed souls.






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  1. Bhupesh Madhavan Avatar
    Bhupesh Madhavan

    Well,wht goes around comes around. That is natures law. Its more like saying no force can exist in isolation in the universe, they always exist in pairs. So irrespective of how you define ‘morality’ consequences are bound to be there to ur actions. So if we can intelligently manipulate the outcome of an action wont that be something that sets us apart from the animals?, and the existing morality norms precisly teach us how to do so.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Why to behave like animals?cannot you just love without any expectation?my point is this deal that we have made out of morality is so phony…..

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