The Caretaker: PHOTOLOGY Entry by Mr. Harshad Bhurke

The Caretaker by Harshad Bhurke
The Caretaker by Harshad Bhurke

To walk the path alone is tremendously difficult. Numerous are the challenges on the way and one is certainly going to fall sometime. There is an old parable of a man and his son. It traces back to those days when there were no vehicles, no roads. The commute was through dense forests, full of dangerous animals, harsh terrain and stringent weather. This father and his son were going through one such forest on a dark night. The walk was scary; as it was hardly possible to know know what is there in the front. The father had traveled quite a few times and hence, was comfortable with the road.

His son, a small kid of hardly ten years, was walking through the jungle for the first time.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Asks the puzzled father to his son.

“Afraid of what?” The son asks innocently.

“The road is uneven; now it is plain, the next step can go in to a ditch!” Said the father.
“When you are holding my hand, why should I worry about the ditches?” Innocently the son replied.

On the bumpy and uncertain ride, we need a care taker, who holds our hand; or the one who is watching and monitoring the situation closely when we look away from the way for a while. In life, numerous are the challenges, but we get a caretaker, who does a magic for us.

Yes, everyone of us has such a companion, a caretaker who is vigilant, when we are not; he handles the situation when we stumble, who avoids some calamity when we are engrossed.

Who is this caretaker? He can be your lover, mother, teacher or even a stranger. Life is bearable because of these caretakers- who pop up to save the situation!

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? Trust me, some day, you certainly will!

Harshad Bhurke
Harshad Bhurke

About Photographer:

Harshad Bhurke is a budding photographer from Pune, India. He has completed his B.Tech from C.O.E.P, one of the most prestigious colleges in India. Harshad is a photographer with tremendous patience, always busy capturing the birds in his camera.


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