Caring for the deads..

Have we lost our ability to care? It seems life has become a mere process of counting and give and take. Do you remember doing something just out of care and not out of any expected gain? Worth giving a thought.

We seem to become more and more careless. We care a little for living ones these days. We are okay with killing cows that no more give us milk and destroying carpets of greeneries for sake of development and progress.

Still, I could see people caring for a dead goat today. Surprising, isn’t it? This goat was lucky enough to get hit by a truck and decompose near the wedding venue which I was attending. The wind carried the smell directly to the nostrils of guests and the hosts.

Within two minutes the goat was picked up and cremated. Lucky goat. Otherwise it would have been smashed under infinite vehicles speeding beyond the limits.

How kind people we are….we do care for deads if they stink enough to annoy our nostrils!






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