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  • It’s the time Indian Classical Musicians stop underestimating their own art form!

    It’s the time Indian Classical Musicians stop underestimating their own art form!

    What’s art? Is it an activity that we do repetitively to entertain ourselves and others? Is it a vocation? Where we sing or dance or play with a few stretched strings to make a living out of it? Or is it a ladder to climb up the ever increasing heights of our own ego? More […]

  • The Brick and the House

    Can a house be robust if the bricks that build it are weak? Yet, everyone is focused on building big structures and no one is concerned about the quality of bricks. It is quality of each brick which determines the quality of house that is built using them. Yet, we postpone strengthening the bricks. I […]

  • Nature is the key to arts

    A few days ago, I was invited in a conference which was organised to think upon today’s youth and how to reach to them through lecture series. In this conference, one session was devoted to tell whatever you feel in connection with today’s youth. Being one of the speakers, I chose a very interesting topic […]

  • Amjad Ali Khan or Mukul Shivputra

    You have to make compromises in life. I do not like to choose things. But most of the times, you have to choose. Pune is a hub of musicians and performers. Performers love to play in Pune. Many times, it happens that two concerts get arranged on same day, at a same time. Then, fans […]

  • Accept whatever comes

    Life is never in a fixed way or patterns. everything is uncertain, everything is momentous. To accept life in its totality is the true acceptance. This acceptance gives you key to remain blissful in whatever situation comes. We are not good acceptors. We go on demanding. To accept things which come in the way requires […]

  • Art is always purposeless

    It is said, that a purpose given to a thing reduces its value. Things which have no purpose are always beautiful, precious, priceless. When we attach some purpose to these things, they start to deteriorate. This same rule holds true for art. An art should always be purposeless. Applications should have a purpose to them; […]

  • The Sculptor

    There was a very famous king living in the India. He had finest troop of artists with him and was very much in delight by the quality of these artists. He had finest singers, dancers, painters and yes, there was a very nice sculptor also with him. The king was always in wonders with the […]

  • Ghalib- Submerged in the sorrow

    The most striking topics which Ghalib handled in his poetry were love and spirituality. In general common reader does not come across a Ghalib completely submerged in his pain. But, if we read more, Ghalib was really submerged in his pain. Though his life was full of sorrow, he never had an attitude of a […]

  • Ghalib- the master of expression

    One of the most famous personalities that the world of poetry has seen, is Mirza Ghalib. Very few poets have got the dignity and respect which Ghalib has got. Ghalib is among the most aprpreciated poets in the whole world. Many people have wasted their lives to study his works and at the end, so […]

  • Jingle Bells and Amjad Ali Khan

    Ustad Amjad Ali Khan had been invited to USA for delivering a performance. He was requested to perform Jingle Bells. And he performed it nicely. But it attracted a number of critics and Ustadji was blamed a lot. So, I consider it my duty to throw some light on the quality of performance. The first […]