What Making My Tea Taught Me About Solving The Problems That Our Society Faces

Suddenly, the importance that tea has in my life has gone up. While working full time, I used to have a cup or two of tea during the day, more as a formality and as an excuse to spend some time away from the laptop screen. Now, as I practice classical music more seriously, tea […]

Why finding fault in others means wasting your time!

On social media and everywhere around, people finding faults in others have bloomed like anything. Thanks to social media, we not only read various (many times false and fabricated) news/updates but we now also have power to share them with our circles and even comment on them. This power to share and comment on stuff […]

The Future of RIckshawallas in the Age of Ola and Uber

Taxi and Auto drivers in Mumbai planned a strike starting from 29th August to protest against on-demand hailing services like Uber and Ola. Through my occasional discussions with cab drivers and very rarely with Rickshaw drivers, I always feel the hostility they keep in their minds against the drivers who joined with these Apps. To […]

Are You Sensitive, In-sensitive or Partially Sensitive? Answering This Question Might Solve All the Problems That the Human Society Faces!

What it means to be ‘Partially Sensitive?’ As we are human beings, we are all supposed to be sensitive. May be to different extents, but without any doubt, we are all sensitive. There is a gross mistake in the way we look at sensitivity. Conventionally, a person is either considered to be sensitive or insensitive. […]

What is the problem with Internet.Org? | My Thoughts

A few days ago, I was in Bangalore, a city in southern India and capital of the state of Karnataka. I happened to read a print newspaper there in Bangalore after many days. The hectic life in Pune does not allow me to have this luxury. What grabbed my attention was the huge ads put […]

Are We Tolerant, Intolerant or Fools?

Suddenly, everyone is commenting about how tolerant or intolerant India as a nation is. Social networks, media houses, individuals and groups of individuals; everyone wants to be listened. I don’t know, how tolerant or intolerant we Indians are, I can certainly say, we are all fools. It is quite easy to provoke us, make us […]

Can We Bring Back Peace By Destroying The Concept of God?

Few days ago, I noticed a very reputed Marathi writer giving his opinion- peace cannot be achieved without destroying the devilish concept of ‘god’ which men have created. To make it simple, this highly acclaimed author claims that we will have to destroy the concept of god and then only we can attain peace. If […]

Is ‘Knowledge’ Enough to Solve Our Problems?

Is knowledge worth all the efforts we put to get it? Is knowledge the most important thing that one needs today? Surely, we are in a knowledge based economy. The more knowledgeable you are, more you get paid and respected. When something goes for a toss or when someone messes up something, ‘lack of knowledge’ […]