Category: Education

  • Learning from the Best, free of Cost!

    One has to always learn new things in his or her life. When I say so, I say ‘has to’ not in sense of compulsion but I accept it as a way of life. Life is ever changing, constantly evolving. As we all have heard quite many times, nothing is permanent in the life. To […]

  • Follow your passion!

    Dr. Naushad Forbes, while addressing a gathering of students strongly emphasized that one should always do what he likes. He advices that one should change what he is doing if he does not enjoy it. The first thought which comes to our Mind after reading this, is not very positive. When it is repeated a […]

  • Did engineering teach me this?

    In my life, I have always experienced educational gaps. I took my education in all types of schools and colleges- from dirty and ugly village schools to one of the best institutes in India. I always used to face a gap. When I passed out of my engineering college, which is supposed to be one […]