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  • Pt. Kumar Gandharva- The purpose behind a Tarana

    Note- Tarana is a type of composition which generally does not carry any meaning. As per the trend goes, Taranas are sung in a fast tempo. ¬† Many times, it is seen that listeners as well as vocalists are not aware of purpose behind different types of compositions that are being sung. Ideally, everyone should […]

  • Pt. Kumar Gandharva- The musician who made a difference

    Whenever any famous musician from the world of Indian classical music is questioned about the quality of newcomers in the field, the answer we get is very positive. Almost all of them say that the young musicians are doing very good. If someone listens to some records of pt. Kumar Gandharva and then gives a […]

  • Pt. Kumar Gandharva : Famous Musicians of India

    Lady Gaga, in her concert in India had said that she reads books by Osho and also she likes the concept of Rebel put up by Osho. ¬†Lady Gaga also said that her journey has been that of a rebel. I am not right person to tell if Lady Gaga really had a rebellious journey […]