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  • Five Actionable Insights for a Meaningful Life

    As we often go and perform in public, through our musical discourses or through formal talks, a common reaction that we get from people is- you have such a meaningful life; I feel as if I wasted my complete life. Initially, I thought people are just saying it, out of some momentary feeling of meaninglessness. […]

  • What Will Change Your Life: Access or Desire to Get Changed?

    Does access assure that there will be an impact? I was thinking on this question for quite some time. Many times we feel that we do not have access to many valuable resources. The other part of the story is, what are we doing with the resources to which we already have an access? Take […]

  • The Best Way to Deal With People Committing Mistakes

    How do you react when people commit mistakes when you are in hurry? What could be the best way of dealing with them? Sharing this incidence which made me think on this. While on our way to Mumbai, I and my wife decided to stop to have breakfast at an insanely famous fast food chain […]

  • What is the net worth of your life?

    They say everything in this world is measurable. What is the net worth of our lives then? Development and progress have helped us a lot to improve the quality of life. It is a fact that life today is much comfortable and luxurious than what it was years ago. Of course, the credit goes to […]

  • Knowledge, Money, Respect and Fame : Are you sure will make you happy?

    Today, I got a sweet surprise when I suddenly met a family friend of us after many years. To be precise, we met after 11 years. I remember this person, often visiting our house, may be once in three months to chat with us. He was a faraway relative of us. I was quite impressed […]

  • Are dogs happier than humans?

    Ninad Gadre, who used to be a good friend of mine always used to say that dogs look much happier than humans. He somewhere really felt that humans are sinners and that’s why they are humans and the dogs have must have done something really virtuous in their past life and hence they are happier […]

  • Are you living a hollow life?

    If reading the very title of this post makes you sad, the answer for you is yes! Well, I keep on thinking over this particular question many times. For me, nothing is worse than living a hollow life. Living a bit harsher life is better, I would say, than living a hollow life. What I […]