Review: A Hindustani Vocal Concert in 2050

It’s June 2050. The last concert that I attended in June 2049 was so horrible that I stopped attending all the concerts; but hope hardly dies. Just one more, I thought. My self-driving car got me at the venue. Thanks to these self driving cars, parking is no more a problem. There were ten other […]

The Difficulty of Singing Easy Ragas

Ragas are the back bone of the Indian classical music. A certain collection of notes which follows certain rules and behavior becomes a Raga. As one starts learning Indian classical music, the journey begins with practice of basic Swaras and then eventually by learning Ragas and various compositions in those Ragas. Naturally, students find some […]

Better Late Than Never : Reflections on Pt. Sharad Sathe’s Concert

Listening to different artists and attending their live performances contributes a lot to the understanding of music of any artist or even student of music. After I came to Pune in 2008, for pursuing my engineering education, I attended most of the concerts taking place in the city. Eventually, attending concerts became like a routine. […]

Fifty Shades of Yaman

Every student of Indian Classical Music, at the very beginning of his student life, learns Raga Yaman. Similarly, every performing artist, sometime or the other has played or sung this Raga during his career as a musician. In the world of Indian Classical Music, Yaman certainly has a spot which can hardly be taken by […]

Contemplation at Sawai Gandharva Festival: The Dangerous Trend in Indian Classical Music

Going with the trends is not always the best thing to do. Be aware of the trend; whether to walk with it or not, should be a decision and not a habit. Not all trends are worth following. These days, not all trends are trends, most of them are just rumors which people believe to […]

कट्यार काळजात घुसवायची आहे? आधी जरा धार लावा !

अनेकांच्या आग्रहाला बळी पडून शेवटी ‘कट्यार’ पाहिला. त्याहून अधिक अनेकांच्या आग्रहाला बळी पडून हा रीविव लिहितो आहे. जुन्या ‘कट्यार काळजात घुसली’ ला परत नवीन स्वरूपात लोकांसमोर घेऊन येणे हा स्तुत्य उपक्रम आहे हे आधीच नमूद करतो (आभार प्रदर्शन मेन शो च्या आधी करण्याची हल्ली पध्दत आहेच!). या उपक्रमामुळे अनेक तरुण श्रोते नाट्य संगीत अन शास्त्रीय […]

Review: Pt. Mukul Shivputra Concert, 15 March 2015, Pune

As many other music lovers do, I also keep on waiting for some good concerts. A long time entry in my wish list was a concert by Pt. Mukuls Shivputra. In the last week of Feb, I was in Ahmedabad for some official purpose. I had been there for a conference. While going to the […]

Jhinjhoti- The song of hopelessness

Sometimes I just wonder about some Ragas and moods they create. There are more than hundreds of Ragas in Indian Classical Music, each different from the others. I wonder what led to creation of so many ragas. Some say Ragas were ultimately created by picking up some phrases from folk music which sounds quite reasonable. […]

Pt. Mukul Shivputra sings Raga Jaijaiwanti

He is whimsical and many people in the world of Indian classical music simply avoid talking about him. Still, many more miss him and miss his divine music. Mukul Shivputra quenched a thirst of music lovers which no other singer can. His concerts are now rare. Not many of his recordings are available in the […]

Enlightening Interview- Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

Dear Readers, a few years ago, I got a chance to interact with Pt. hariprasad Chaurasia for around one hour. As all of us know, Hariji is a towering figure in the world of Indian Classical Music. Apart from that, he is a very nice human being, trying to spread flute and music around the […]