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  • Some of my friends…

    Someone has said that success of your life depends on the friends you have. I would like to correct it a bit. The success of your life depends on the friends and enemies you have. Let it be. When I start thinking about my friends, I realize that I do not have a single ordinary […]

  • A Philosopher’s Brain- Cheapest in the market

    I remember today a very beautiful joke, told by the king of jokes, Osho. Once a Philosopher goes to visit a cannibal kingdom to study their philosophy. The king of cannibals was very happy to have such a great philosopher in his kingdom. So, the king personally escorted the philosopher everywhere. Then, the king requested […]

  • Love or Deal?

    Some days ago, we had a nice discussion about love and relationship. The most fantastic thing is that, both girls and boys were present in the discussion. The topic was of course about a girl saying yes or no to a guy’s proposal. A girl raised very significant point, that the girl at very first […]

  • God also needs publicity

    A very famous and reputed industrialist was a firm opponent of advertising. It was his very firm opinion that quality matters, publicity is needed by those whole quality is a subject of doubt. Many advertising agencies tried hard to convince him of advantages of advertising, but he never considered. One executive of some advertising firm […]

  • Give me the Fire…..

    The first time, for asking something… You gave everything; without being asked Just like an egg….sufficient with what it needs… You showered though I had no capacity to contain….. You poured though I had no will to contain….. But I flowered….With what ever percolated…… I have heard…more grass,more water…. more water,more grass……. The grass is […]

  • 'No achievement' is the greatest achievement

    Wings of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope for 2007 To be oneself is the greatest achievement that can ever a human being have.Somewhere there lies some basic mistake in our total approach towards life where achieving something is promoted as the goal of life.I wonder why there should be some achievement or some goal in […]

  • A dog on the boat club

    A dog on the boat club Being established from the time of British people,our college has a boat-club.None of us knows much about these boats but each and every one agrees that it is the nicest place in our college to be.In india,such place is also loved by a creature named as dog.In India,generally no […]

  • Sorry, but I will serve myself…….

    Yesterday’s story.Was finished with all of my books.Wanted something to read.Reading comes to be my first basic need.So hurriedly I rushed to Manney’s Booksellers, which is one of the most loved bookshop in Pune.As we were already late and shop was just going to close,I hurriedly picked up two books.One by Knut Hamsun and the […]