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Some of my friends…

Someone has said that success of your life depends on the friends you have. I would like to correct it a bit. The success of your life depends on the friends and enemies you have. Let it be. When I start thinking about my friends, I realize that I do not have a single ordinary friend. All of them extra ordinary in some way or other. For me, friends and enemies are the same because both of them teach you many subtle things.

Today, my mood tells me to dig up some of these best friends. I have a friend so truthful that I do not deserve his friendship. He left everything, even his formal education for his quest for knowledge, poetry and spirituality. It is really great to have such a friend. I have a friend who proposed me and she again called back in half hour to say that it was a mistake.  I also have a friend who left a luxurious job because he did not like it from his heart. I really respect such authentic friends.

A friend of mine was according to me most deserving candidate to crack UPSC. Unfortunately, he could not crack.  When I met this guy next day, he was radiant, as he always used to be. He had not lost his confidence in himself even a bit. Today, he is doing really well. I like such friends who have full faith in themselves.

There are many people who say that they are my friends but I really wonder if I deserve such friends. To give an example, a famous flute player introduced us to some his guests as his friends. Do we deserve such friends who left everything for the inner call of music? But, these friends are the lighthouses which show the road.

One of my best friends in school ran away from his house as his parents were constantly forcing him to study engineering and he wanted to do arts. Keep it up friend. The fire is burning. It does not matter who is right and who is wrong. What matters is, you should be burning with the fire.

Many of my friends have changed over the time as everyone (including me) does. Some changes are good, some of them not so good.   While observing all these changes, one thing constantly keeps on coming up to me- everyone is following a path which is predefined. You, I or anyone cannot alter it even a bit. Many times there remains nothing in our hands other than watching helplessly a friend getting spoilt…

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A Philosopher’s Brain- Cheapest in the market

I remember today a very beautiful joke, told by the king of jokes, Osho. Once a Philosopher goes to visit a cannibal kingdom to study their philosophy. The king of cannibals was very happy to have such a great philosopher in his kingdom. So, the king personally escorted the philosopher everywhere.

Then, the king requested the philosopher to have a look at their supermarket. It was a huge, elegant shopping mall with different departments. The food section contained all the human parts on the sale. There were bones for sale, ears for sale, brains for sale. Curiously, philosopher got a look at price tags of all the brains. It was something like this-
Minister’s brain- 1/2 $ a kg

Driver’s Brain-2 $ a kg

Teachers brain-5 $ a kg

Philosopher’s brain- 100 $ a kg

Very happily, philosopher asked, “I know, a philosopher’s brain is too precious. But, the price difference is very very high”

The king said, “Actually, the fact is, we need to kill ten times more philosophers than anyone else to get a kilogram of brain!”


Not for single reason

Love or Deal?

Some days ago, we had a nice discussion about love and relationship. The most fantastic thing is that, both girls and boys were present in the discussion. The topic was of course about a girl saying yes or no to a guy’s proposal.

A girl raised very significant point, that the girl at very first thinks about her safety and a secured future. The she decides- to love or no to love. Security is the very first criteria. This statement, though very matured, raises many questions. The most significant among these is, if a boy guarantees a secured future at this moment but if by any chance he is not able to do so after marriage then what? For example, I have a nice job at this moment. After three years when I am married, I meet an accident the the job goes. Then will this so called lover will be happy with me? In life, nothing is ever secure, everything is just momentary. So, will the girl support the so called incapable husband or will run way?

I accept that girl needs security. But then I have a very humble request. Please don’t disgrace the word love. When you are thinking before falling in a relation, it means you are running away from love and falling in a deal. People select very thoughtfully the people they should love considering all the plus and minus points. Then they call it true love. You have every right to select or choose your partner with all the conditions you have. But then, please don’t tell me, that you are in true love. You are just in a deal. It may be nice, but it is a deal, not love.

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God also needs publicity

A very famous and reputed industrialist was a firm opponent of advertising. It was his very firm opinion that quality matters, publicity is needed by those whole quality is a subject of doubt. Many advertising agencies tried hard to convince him of advantages of advertising, but he never considered.

One executive of some advertising firm was firm that somehow he will compel the industrialist to publish his add in the newspaper. So, one morning, when the industrialist was wandering in his garden, the executive just entered the garden and started praising the flowers. The industrialist much pleased by this praise of his flowers, asked the gentle man who he was. The executive said that he was just on a walk and came across the garden and flattered that it was the best personal garden he had ever seen.

After general talk for some time, the industrialist asked the executive about his profession. The executive answered that he worked with an advertising firm. The industrialist turned upset after getting this information. But, he asked the executive. “are these advertises needed by the one who his firm of his quality? ” At the same time, bells from the church started ringing. The executive said, “What is this Sir? Nothing but an advertise. People forget very quickly. Even god needs an advertise.”

And yes. It’s totally right. If there were no priests and fathers to advertise god, perhaps we would have forgotten the poor fellow. Yes, God also, in his own world, needs advertising.

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Give me the Fire…..

The first time, for asking something…

You gave everything; without being asked

Just like an egg….sufficient with what it needs…

You showered though I had no capacity to contain…..

You poured though I had no will to contain…..

But I flowered….With what ever percolated……

I have heard…more grass,more water….

more water,more grass…….

The grass is growing….along with the bushes….

Bushes of ego…..bushes of lust…..

When I cut bushes,cut is the grass….

I know, I love the bushes…..So I cry…..

Why should I love them? though they are the reason..

reason for everything….

You gave everything….but today I accept…..

I lack something….The fire…..

I am cold….just like a furnace….which never burnt….

Today I ask for something……

Something which I dont want….but what I badly need…..

Give me some Fire…..

Give me some Fire….

mysticism Not for single reason philosophy

'No achievement' is the greatest achievement

Wings of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope for 2007

To be oneself is the greatest achievement that can ever a human being have.Somewhere there lies some basic mistake in our total approach towards life where achieving something is promoted as the goal of life.I wonder why there should be some achievement or some goal in our life?Cannot we remain happy as we are?

Trees are happy the way they are.I am not saying that we must stop our progress or leave everything and just seat.We also should try to do something….to raise our awareness.To be totally in tune with life is I think the greatest achievement.

Have we ever thought that in the process of running behind achievement or some goal we are losing the very totality of life?Is it right to run behind a future pleasure by making present a desert?For me, rather than running behind any future achievement,to be able to enjoy present without any worry is the real achievement.

The most strong obstacle in the way is mind.This mind can never allow us to sit silently.Mind remembers past,also it projects the future.To be beyond mind and hence to be beyond achievement is for me the greatest achievement…

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A dog on the boat club

A dog on the boat club

Being established from the time of British people,our college has a boat-club.None of us knows much about these boats but each and every one agrees that it is the nicest place in our college to be.In india,such place is also loved by a creature named as dog.In India,generally no one is bothered by these dogs;rather people enjoy feeding them from their own plates.

The result of this whole situation is we have a large number of dogs with us on our boat-club which is increasing remarkably.Out of all these dogs,I remember one dog very remarkably.This dog,unlike others,was not at all interested in the food we used to offer.He was in love with us.He could recognize us from the very sound of our footsteps.

This dog was very much interested in girls.Though he loved us,he without a single thought would run away if he spotted a descent girl.The purpose of remembering the dog is that,just a few days before he died in a car accident while crossing the road.Many students were in tears.We were really missing the fellow.Just a few days after a she-dog on the boat club gave birth to 7 puppies each and everyone just replacing their dad.Everyone was happy again……

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Sorry, but I will serve myself…….

Yesterday’s story.Was finished with all of my books.Wanted something to read.Reading comes to be my first basic need.So hurriedly I rushed to Manney’s Booksellers, which is one of the most loved bookshop in Pune.As we were already late and shop was just going to close,I hurriedly picked up two books.One by Knut Hamsun and the other by Nikos Kazantzakis.Satisfied with the fact that I got what I wanted we left the shop.

Now it was time to fuel us up.It is my second basic need after reading-eating.We went to a very plush and very famous hotel just near the Manney’s.My friend was holding the books with him in a bag provided by the bookseller.At the entrance,there was a notice hanging-‘NO BAGS ALLOWED PLEASE CHEK IN IF YOU WANT TO GET INSIDE ANY.’Just after entering the hotel,we saw quite a descent man taking orders of the people sitting.Finding  no other person there we approached the gentleman requesting him to check us in along with the bag.Very hurriedly he snatched away the bag and asked us to take place and he rushed.Now I was worried.What was there in the bag that made the gentleman so excited?

We took a nice table.After a while the same person came to get order from us.I asked him did you check the bags? “Put the check in aside.I was curious to know what Manney’s books you boys got”.He just went through the book as if he was in love with them.Then he took the order and went away.

I was touched by the love for books by this ‘waiter man’.In short time came the order along with the same ‘Booklover Waiter’.”May I serve you Sir?”aksed the gentleman”.A teardrop rolled my eyes.I bent my head down so that no one should notice it.

“Sorry, but I will serve myself…” were the only words I could utter.