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thinker-thoughtIs ‘thinker’ separate from the ‘thought’? Or what we consider as ‘thinker’ is just another thought?

In the daily course of life, we always have a divide within ourselves; we always look at ourselves as an entity separate from our own thoughts.

‘I am angry’, ‘I can control my anger or sadness’, ‘I can control my emotion’ etc.

All these sentences clearly mean that we consider ourselves (our self) to be an altogether different entity from our thoughts.

Is it really so? Or ‘thinker’ is the most deceiving ‘thought’ we ever had?


Power or No Power?

I stumbled upon a very interesting quote, by Homi J. Bhabha, which he made much ahead of the time. The quote is about power, made by this genius scientist from India around 20 years ago. Bhabha made this comment when someone argued that nuclear power was too costly and hence India should not go for it. The quote is as follows-

No power is costlier than ‘no power’.

This statement is an eternal truth- being true for all the times throughout the human history and future. Power opens up the doors to progress and prosperity. In India, we can observe that the states which assured uninterrupted power supply at affordable costs, became home to the industrial growth and hence prosperity. Efforts to install inter country gas pipe lines, thirst for the nuclear power, tall windmills and wide-spread solar plants coherently tell us the same point- no power is costlier than ‘no power’.

Does this quote stand true in spiritual context?

In his book ‘power’, Bertrand Russell has thoroughly explained the role power plays in our lives. I trust in his theory, but somehow, I find what Kabir says to be more realistic as far as the inner world is concerned. In his nice two liner, Kabir says-

 Soil tells the potter, “you might think that you are squeezing me under your feet; but surely will come a day when you will be squeezed under me!”

In these two lines, Kabir tells us how fragile we all are. This Doha of Kabir also enlightens us about the fluctuating nature of power. It will sound too philosophical if I say nothing in this world is permanent. The blunt fact is, the power has no place in spiritual world! Power is the driving factor in today’s world; in the inner world, power has no value.
I would even go a step ahead and would dare to say that the spiritual journey starts when one realizes that no power is going to last forever- be it power accumulated through knowledge, force, money or whatsoever.
Lord Buddha leaving his palace at a tender age realized this truth at a very early stage; we have not yet! Homi J. Bhabha is so true if we look at the physical world; truer are the Kabir’s words if we look within us.

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Do you want to sustain?

When someone from completely different field enters some other field, he looks at the things in a totally different perspective. I am in somewhat similar position. I never took efforts to read typical corporate literature. Somehow, I am trying to make myself comfortable with all these terms. The result is, I end up interpreting the established proverbs and statements in a completely different way.

Today, I came across one line, which is very attractive and at the same time very important for those who are in corporate world. The line is something like this-

If you do yesterday’s things today, you won’t be able to survive tomorrow.

This line is so true, if you look at it from the view of normal life. By normal life I mean all the things which normal human beings like us do. It holds true on all the walks of life, equally applicable to students, managers, entrepreneurs, businessmen etc. In today’s world, as we know it very well, one has to move ahead of time, innovating new things. To be honest, it is difficult to survive today if you do today’s things today. One always has to keep on doing new things, new experiments, new products, new services and new thoughts.

As it can be clearly seen, many companies are investing their huge cash reserves to invent and realize tomorrow’s products. There is no final destination as we are moving ahead very rapidly. As I said earlier, this is true for ‘normal humans’. Are their any dimensions of our life where this line is not applicable?

Yes, there are many. One of the most striking example is that of music. Of course, musicians are creative and they keep on doing new things. But, the fact which one should keep in his mind is, they never run behind creating new things. They are effortlessly creative. That creativity does not have any purpose. I am not at all comparing which one is good and which one is bad; they are just different ways of different fields. In classical music, we have many great artists and musicians who just focused on understanding their master’s knowledge. In that complete surrender, many creative compositions came out.

One more walk of life, where I think this line would not be applicable is meditation. In meditation, the meditation is old, ancient; the experiences are new and unique. It wont make any sense doing new new meditations each day, for being creative. You have to do the same, yesterday’s meditation every day. In case of human consciousness, we run to new things not out of creativity but to escape the old things. In meditation, there is no escape. You cannot run away, you have to face same things, the same ‘you’ everyday.

I guess, here the ‘MadhyamMarga’ mentioned by Lord Buddha or the concept of ‘Zorba the Buddha’ coined by Osho comes into picture. Is it possible to survive in both material and spiritual world together? One step ahead, does the word ‘survival’ has meaning in spirituality?

At this stage, I am asking myself, ‘Do you want to sustain?’


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Are books dead?

A few months ago, I had gone to teach some students at Akanksha Foundation. I like to teach small kids. One of my friends was working as a teacher with The Akanksha Foundation and so I thought that it will be nice if I also try doing one session with the kids.

We chose the topics ‘Living and Non Living Things’ to be taught. I explained the kids all the properties of living and non living things. They grasped the concept very well. After all this was done, I just asked them to tell out a few examples of both living and non living things. I was getting normal answers like stones, table, pens as non living things. Suddenly, one girl shouted that books are non living things.

She was absolutely right. Books are non living. They do not eat, grow, breathe, reproduce. But still, it was somehow impossible for me to accept books as non living things. Books do not eat; but they feed you. Books do not grow but they help you to grow. Books do not breathe but our breath has some value only because of books. I know, the poor girl will get zero marks if she writes that the books are living things, but in the exam of life she will get zero marks if she considers books as non living things.

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Accept whatever comes

Life is never in a fixed way or patterns. everything is uncertain, everything is momentous. To accept life in its totality is the true acceptance. This acceptance gives you key to remain blissful in whatever situation comes.

We are not good acceptors. We go on demanding. To accept things which come in the way requires tremendous courage. It seems contradictory. Generally we think that to try to change the situation, rebel against it requires the courage. We always assign virtue to bravery and offensive tendencies. The real qualities which need bravery are always considered to be symptoms of weakness.

To accept life in its light and darkness, valleys and peaks requires tremendous patience and courage. One more point to onote is, any quality which is developed through acceptance has grace with it. If I am not feeling like writing for some days, there are two ways which I can try. One is that I can try writing forcibly and the another one is, that I accept this non creativity in its totality. if this non creativity is accepted, it in due time gives birth to creativity which is not of this world. This creativity coming out of the acceptance of the non creativity will have different grace and authenticity.

So, just accept. Accept whatever comes in your way. If you accept totally, this very acceptance will bring the creativity out.


The world inside

Today, I feel a bit silent, calm. If something you trust gets proved, it does not give you relief, but certainly gives a calmness. If you require proof for something, then you do not trust it. Then you just verify it and agree with it. If is trust, it will need no proof. If you get proof, its just alright.

I see the world inside me today. It was unseen for many days. May be, I had watched it so much that it had kept itself hidden. Today, I again see it. I have become more fearless, more reckless, more lazy. But, it brings certain calmness.  This laziness is not out of avoiding something. It is out of certain certainty or to be more specific, uncertainty.  A tree is growing without certainty. So am I.  People say uncertainty brings depression. It is not so in the inside world. In the inside world, uncertainty liberates you of  everything. The most important is, it liberates you of certainty.

When you are able to live with uncertainty, it means, your inner world is, you  know, independent, in very true sense.   When you want certainty, it means, the world inside is not yet prepared, is not yet universal.