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  • A Question for Everyone

    A Question for Everyone

    Is ‘thinker’ separate from the ‘thought’? Or what we consider as ‘thinker’ is just another thought? In the daily course of life, we always have a divide within ourselves; we always look at ourselves as an entity separate from our own thoughts. ‘I am angry’, ‘I can control my anger or sadness’, ‘I can control […]

  • Power or No Power?

    I stumbled upon a very interesting quote, by Homi J. Bhabha, which he made much ahead of the time. The quote is about power, made by this genius scientist from India around 20 years ago. Bhabha made this comment when someone argued that nuclear power was too costly and hence India should not go for […]

  • Do you want to sustain?

    When someone from completely different field enters some other field, he looks at the things in a totally different perspective. I am in somewhat similar position. I never took efforts to read typical corporate literature. Somehow, I am trying to make myself comfortable with all these terms. The result is, I end up interpreting the […]

  • Are books dead?

    A few months ago, I had gone to teach some students at Akanksha Foundation. I like to teach small kids. One of my friends was working as a teacher with The Akanksha Foundation and so I thought that it will be nice if I also try doing one session with the kids. We chose the […]

  • Accept whatever comes

    Life is never in a fixed way or patterns. everything is uncertain, everything is momentous. To accept life in its totality is the true acceptance. This acceptance gives you key to remain blissful in whatever situation comes. We are not good acceptors. We go on demanding. To accept things which come in the way requires […]

  • The world inside

    Today, I feel a bit silent, calm. If something you trust gets proved, it does not give you relief, but certainly gives a calmness. If you require proof for something, then you do not trust it. Then you just verify it and agree with it. If is trust, it will need no proof. If you […]