Communication & Web Strategy Consulting

Mandar is the founder of Seed Shower.

Seed Shower is a content boutique based in Pune, catering to clients globally. We specialize in creating high quality, finely written content for your branding, marketing and learning & development activities.

We have done creative, complex and challenging assignments with companies operating in domains as varied as avionics and healthcare to education and food processing. Our clients are startups, MNCs, large sized conglomerates and not for profits.

Content plays a key role in every business function and needs a specialized approach. Content is not just ‘written’. We look at content as a long term investment. A well researched and well written piece of content has immense value in the short as well as long run.

We don’t believe in just writing content. We try to answer many questions –

Why content?

Where to use it?

How to use it for different media like blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, print etc.?

Which topics are worth writing upon?

This is the process we follow when we team up with your organization. As you can see, we are an end-to-end services company.

We start with understanding your challenges and goals and how content and digital marketing can be utilized to get there faster. We also use monitoring and analytics tool to assess effectiveness and course correct.

Here are some of the brands we have partnered with so far :