The Current Crisis at Infosys and a Few Words From Kabir

Infosys. This word resonates with a loss of almost INR 22,000 crores for its share holders. A company, which was once talked about for its work culture and for being a great work place, is today being talked about for the turmoil, which reflected into a huge loss to the share holders.

On the surface, there might be many reasons, including the Panaya deal and others which we believe, have led to this chaos; but if one analyses the situation closely, the main reason behind all this chaos is lack of trust or at least a feeling of lack of trust.

The founder share-holder has his own reasons to doubt and disapprove the moves of the CEO. The other board members doubt the founder-share holder’s accusations. The CEO says he is not getting the required support, which simply means he does not trust the board and finally quits.

Kabir says,

पढ़ा सुना सीखा सभी, मिटी ना संशय शूल |

कहे कबीर कैसो कहू, यह सब दुःख का मूल ||

We keep doubting and cannot trust in spite of all the knowledge that we gather.  Kabir says, it pains to explain that confusion is the root of sorrow.

Great technology does not build  great company. Great systems and procedures do not build a great company. Technology, systems and processes and other such things certainly contribute to the growth of a company but great companies are built by great culture and trust is undoubtedly the most important contributor to build a great culture. If one looks at the situation at Infosys, the trust is missing at the apex level.

Corporate world would be so much better if companies focused on culture instead of just profits.






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