Diogenes and poor Alexander the Great 2

Poor Alexander when saw Diogenes for the first times, he was a little bit awkward. This man was sitting in sand and having sun bath on the banks of a river. Alexander was always running with time. Was always running behind his aim. Was under the constant tension about the wars. Exactly opposite was this madman, Diogenes. Lying carelessly in sand. With a dog.

Diogenes asked Alexander the Great, what are you going to do in future?

Alexander replied, “I want to conquer the whole world.”

Diogenes asked, “What are you going to do after that?”

Alexander said, “I would just relax!”

Diogenes said, “Why do you need to conquer the world to relax? I am relaxing now. You can also relax now. Why this childishness of conquering the world?”

Alexander the great was taken aback by the question of Diogenes.

He said, “In my next birth, I would like to be Diogenes.”

Diogenes shouted, “Do not make a fool of yourself. If you really want to be Diogenes, you can be now only! Throw your clothes and lie down. Why to postpone it for next birth? ”

Speechless Alexander could not answer this question from Diogenes and left the place without saying a single word.

Diogenes and Poor Alexander the Great 1






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