Do not forget the Sangha

Gautam Buddha had mainly focused on three aspects- Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. In simple words, Buddha means the enlightened one that it, the master. Dhamma means the truth or the eternal values which master has and the Sangha means the commune of the master.

I remember an interview given by Swami Rajneesh. What I loved was his concern for the growth of Sangha. This spiritual journey becomes a lot more significant when you have at least hundreds of such seekers around you. It creates the atmosphere for the journey. It keeps you reminding of the purpose for which you are. The very purpose of your life.

Swami Rajneesh

Life is like a bridge. A bridge is meant for overcoming it, not for dwelling on it. But, we dwell in life. So, something is needed to remind us, that we should not dwell here only. The journey is infinite. This the importance of Sangha. To remind you every moment; that you should not stop; go ahead.

Among Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, Sangha is the most neglected yet very important aspect. Thank you Swami Rajneesh, this important aspect of Sangha could not escape from your vision.





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