Do not play drums with hammer

Truth can not be spoken in words. All the saints, masters, for the ages have been telling that we can not say even a bit of truth to you through words. One of the most interesting things is, these masters are generally the persons who talk the most. It means, they talk even though they know that they cannot speak truth.

Once asked about this, Osho gave very beautiful example of Indian Drums. He said, that the drums are tuned with the help of a hammer. If you do not use hammer to tune the drums, there is no possibility that they will make a good sound. At the same time, you should drop hammer once the tuning is done. Osho says, so is with the words. They can not give you the truth but they can take you to the position at which you will feel the importance of wordlessness. Then you can easily get glimpse of the truth.

So, do not play the drums with hammer, but at least, for tuning them, you will need one.

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  1. sachin Avatar

    well,can truth be spoken in words?i wont comment on it for the simple reason that i have not known it yet!but one thing is sure,truth cannot be REALISED through words,ideas ,experiments,logic or whatever.these all things,though powerful in the material world,have their own limits.they are finite and you cannot know the infinite only through them.osho(i would prefer to call him ‘The Supreme Court of Spirituality’) has explained it beautifully.i would like to add few points(from the discourses of osho himself)as to why enlightened masters go on talking abouth the truth:
    ‘when you are sad,you tend to hide yourself in some corner,to stay away from people,to remain silent etc. but when you are happy your inner urge brings you inside crowd,you feel joyous and feel like sharing it with someone.BUDDHA,WHEN FRUSTRATED,WENT INTO THE FORESTS BUT ON BECOMING ENLIGHTENED RETURNED AMONGST THE PEOPLE.same is the case with mahaveera.because the bliss,the joy explodes inside you,it overflows and you have to distribute it,share it with people. river cannot resist flowing,its very nature is that of flowing.if it stops flowing,it is no more a river!’

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Sacihn,
      Thanks a lot for commenting!
      its a truth- When a cup is full, it overflows. When a person is full of joy, he overflows!!!!

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