Dogen – The Zen Master

The way of Zen has given the world many unique masters. Zen flowered and blossomed without limits. Many Zen Masters have attained the peaks of consciousness and helped hundreds of their disciples to attain the same. Zen is so unique, so alive.

Osho tells us about the Zen Master Dogen. Like all other Zen masters, Dogen was unique. It is said that Dogen could read Chinese Poetry at the age of 4. Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to understand and read and write. And still, Dogen used to get absorbed in the poetry books. But soon, both of his parents passed away in short intervals and the day passed, Dogen left his place and went for the search of a master.

Dogen stayed with many masters and practiced all the techniques advised by them. Still he noticed that something is missing. Finally after switching from one teacher to another, he found his master and attained enlightenment.

Dogen says,

To study the way is to study yourself.

This statement of Dogen, explains the quality of his being. What is there in the world other than you? As Kabir says, whatever there is in the world, same is inside you. So, Dogen says, to study the way to divine is to study yourself. Go in, focus within and you are arrived.

I find this message of Dogen , the Zen master very suitable for today’s man. Its very truthful advice- go within. study yourself and the divine is revealed to you. When you work on yourself, the divine knocks your door.

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