Dohe of Kabir 1

Every man is special. every man has a different built of his body and  his psyche. The more firmly the psyche is built, more difficult it becomes to change it. The truth is one and almost all the saints are pointing to it. The truth is eternal and almost all the mystics show it. But, even after so much of efforts from all these saints and mystics, very few people get the taste of this truth.

One reason behind this is that the language which is used by all these people is not appealing or cutting through the psyche of the person. If we have to peak one saint or mystic whose language is simplest, whose words cut through the psyche of greatest number of people, we have no option other than Kabir.

Kabir has become a symbol of simplicity and straightness. He cuts through the psyche of almost all of the masses. So, this is again one small effort to bring the precious two liner Dohe of Kabir in front of you all. The first two liner of Kabir is-

दुख में सुमिरन  सब करे, सुख मे करे न कोय ।

जो सुख मे सुमिरन करे, दुख काहे को होय।।

These two lines of Kabir, though look simple, have ocean within them. These lines simply show us how bogus our religiousness is. To be religious means to be satisfied with the present, to be blissful, to be free of demands. In life, no one thinks of giving something, every one just goes on asking. Religiousness means, you start giving. You just start giving people without even asking back. You give love, you share joy. The person who can give without hopes of any returns, is true religious.

But, as Kabir says, we pray when we are unhappy. We pray when things are not the way we want. We pray when we want something. We pray when we want to change something in our life. This kind of religiousness is a contract with god. It is ugly. Here, Kabir gives us the true essence of religiousness. And these are not his hollow words. These are words full of his own experience. These are not bookish statements; they are coming out of highest level of consciousness.

Kabir says, the one who prays even when he is happy, is a religious person. Many people pray even when they are happy. But, their prayer comes out of the fear about sustainability of this happiness. The prayer which comes out of no fear, no worry, no insecurity is the real prayer. A person who is dissolved in such kind of prayer is always happy. Worldly conditions cannot take away his happiness. It is coming from within. This kind of happiness is not an outcome of outer parameters. It is a fruit of internal purity.

In two lines, Kabir shows us the reality of our so called religiousness and at the same time, gives us path to the authentic religiousness.





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    It is not easy to write about Dohe of Kabir. Kudos!

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