Dohe of Kabir # 6

Saint Kabir makes us stop still with the helps of his two liners, called Doha. This beautiful Doha of Kabir is worth a thousand lines-

माँगन मरण समान है, मत माँगो कोई भीख ।
माँगन से तो मरना भला, यह सतगुरु की सीख

English Translation-

(Do not ask for anything. To ask for anything is like being dead. My master teaches me that it is better to die than to ask for something. )

It can be seen that Saint Kabir is very much against asking. Saint Kabir is not saying that asking money is not desirable or asking for favors is bad. He simply says that all the demands should be stopped. Saint Kabir refers to all demands as begging  There must have been some reason behind these lines of Kabir. It is interesting to see the mind of a person who is asking for something. He is not satisfied. All of us are unsatisfied and hence we keep on asking for many things. One more thing is, asking comes out of insecurity. The persons who are insecure are more demanding. Many times, we ask out of our greed. Saint Kabir says, simply drop all the insecurities, greed and leave this habit of asking.

Saint Kabir equates this habit of asking for favors to death. He firmly says that asking for anything is just a sign of being dead. At the end, he says that it is better to die rather than asking favors. The question my come up in the minds of the reader that is it not justified if a really needy person asks for something? The answer is also very clear- when you need something really, you get it without even asking for it. So, if you need something and you ask for it, it shows that you do not have the trust in the existence. If you need something and you do not get it, the conclusion to be drawn is, you do not need it.

Saint Kabir has very rightly said that it is better to be dead than asking for favors. The very process of asking and demanding shows that you do not trust the existence

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  1. AMEY Avatar


    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Ameya,
      Thanks a lot for saying that!

  2. Dnyanraj Avatar

    Hi… Kabir’s dohe teaches a way to live life….Please send me if you have compiled in soft format

  3. Aparna Avatar

    Lovely website Mandar…it’s quite a treasure trove.

    My fav Doha of Kabir is:

    Katsuri kundal basal, mrig dhoondhai ban maahi
    Aise ghati ghati Ram hai, duniya dekhai naahi

    Meaning: The musk deer carries it’s heavenly scent in its own stomach but searches the whole forest for the source of the scent. Like this, Ram is inside us, but unknowingly we search the world for Him !

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Hi Aparna!
      I somehow missed your comment. Thanks a lot for sharing this. This is a precious piece!

  4. Aparna Avatar

    Your Website is a treasure trove Mandar !

    I particularly love one Doha by Kabir:
    Kasturi kundal basal, mrig dhoondhai ban maahi
    Aise ghati ghati ram hai! duniya dekhai naahi

    The musk deer not knowing that the source of its wonderful scent is its own abdomen, searches the whole forest; likewise we search the world for Ram, when we don’t realize he resides inside us all the time !

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