Eternal Chaos………

You agree or not,but the world is in chaos.It seems that claiming this is like an exaggeration.When I first heard it,I laughed.I am living happily as you are…….so where is this chaos?I don’t have personal chaos let the world rest in peace.So, for me it was quite difficult to accept that world is in chaos.Now,after thinking a lot,I agree:we are all in a chaos,a mess and the situation is sad.Sadder than the situation is the fact that we are ignoring that we are in a mess.We are ignoring it with so much totality that we are happy with what mess we have.

The basic thing is that,we are away from our center.We are lost….far away from it.This fact does not seem to be that much important but I would dare to say that all the problems that we are facing are due to this reason-that we have lost our center.This thing is pointed out by no one.By no society,by no religion by not a single priest.The reason is that a man who has got his center is risky.Risky for phony religions,dogmatic politicians.The problems are the strengths of these systems.If all the humans were rebellious,who will need these systems?Who will go to temples?Who will pray to the priest to make all the sorrow vanish?

This is the real solution:Be yourself.All the problems will disappear in moment.I would like to highlight one very profound line by Kahlil Gibran-“You are beautiful when you are yourself”







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