Federer, Fans and Fuss

Yesterday, Federer lost the Wimbledon is what I have heard from a few of my friends. I am unable to remember the name of the opponent who took away the victory from this ace player. From whatever I have heard, it seems Roger Federer is a great sportsman. He is consistent and dedicated and I absolutely do not have any problem with him. As far as the fans are concerned, I do have some points worth sharing.

Fans are present everywhere, in each field. In the field of music, fans of Tesla and Edison always fight whereas in the field of music, fans of Pt. Ravishankar and Ustad Vilayat Khan engage in debates. Ahem, forgot the fans of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

I am not at all a fan of concept of being a fan. I listen to music and I love many artists but I am not a fan of them. Being a fan makes you fragmented, it blocks your complete vision. I hardly sleep without listening to Pt. Shivkumar Sharma; but no, I am not a fan of his. I will like to share something with you. I appreciate music of Zakir Hussain more than that of Kumar Bose. But if some day, Kumar Bose gives a better performance than Zakir Hussain, that wont make me feel sad. It wont reduce the respect which I have for Zakir Bhai, nor it will give rise to hatred towards Kumar Bose. That is the beauty of not being a fan.

What is wrong with being a fan? Actually the question in itself is wrong. I would say, why do we need to become fans? Cannot we simply appreciate someone without being his or her fan? Being a fan offers you many psychological advantages which make you feel strengthened at the beginning but actually allow you to hide your psychological weakness.

Someone posted on the Facebook wall,

For me, it is not that [please put the winner’s name] wins, but Federer loses.

He is trying to convey that he is interested in Federer and not in the one who has won. I guess this is not true sportsmanship. This means you stick to the person and are no more bothered about the game!

Being fan of someone makes us the part of the winning cult, which is very helpful to supress our weakness and give us a pseudo strength. A true appreciator of an artist, sportsman or anyone for that matter will never be his fan; a fan loses his capacity to go beyond the celebrity and gauge the world on his own.

If you love Federer and his game, no harm in doing that. If you are sad if he loses, I feel sad for you. You are doing injustice on the player who has won, you are doing injustice to the game!

The true sportsmen are never bothered about winning. I wish the same holds true with their fans.






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