Why finding fault in others means wasting your time!

On social media and everywhere around, people finding faults in others have bloomed like anything. Thanks to social media, we not only read various (many times false and fabricated) news/updates but we now also have power to share them with our circles and even comment on them. This power to share and comment on stuff around us has resulted in the rise of so many so-called ‘experts’ who have a say in almost everything.  The worse part is, these experts spend most of their energy in finding mistakes and criticizing others.

Personally, I am least bothered and concerned about what people do with their time. At the same time, I strongly feel that social media is doing more damage than help by converting people into mistake finding machines. These people are more responsible for this attitude because social media has given them just an outlet.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-7-41-12-pmThese criticizers feel that their criticism will bring about a change. Sadly, that is not the case. Change happens one person at a time and when you are busy criticizing others, you are wasting the time that you have got to change that one person i.e. you!

We are naturally attracted towards finding mistakes in others. It is very easy. One can find mistake even in most perfect things around him or her. I can criticize a square for being to squarish and missing some curves whereas I can criticize the circle for being too roundish and missing the edge. In short, criticism is a low hanging fruit. It gives you a sense of contributing something to the system without doing any or very little hard work.

Imagine, instead, you spend this time working on yourself. Over a time, you will change and this story of change will inspire many others to change themselves. The catch is, changing oneself, that to in a positive manner is so difficult. It is a process which happens in solitude; you won’t get any likes and shares for doing that. You won’t attract a huge following while you work on yourself.

Considering all this, criticizing others looks such a lucrative task to be done. Alas, it’s a waste of such a nice life and such a precious opportunity!






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