Freedom and Sensitivity: Two Values That Make Our Existence Meaningful

After many days, I am successful at taking out some time to write. We need a whole lot of things to live our lives. We need followers, critics, praise, freedom, trust and many more things to live our life. What will happen if someone starts taking them out from your life one by one?

I am reminded of a question which a friend asked me couple of days ago. She asked, what are the essential things for me to live my life? In other words, what things in my life, if taken away, my life will be meaningless. So, she was essentially asking about the things which make my life meaningful.

When this question came, we were all going together, in my car and I was driving probably in the most crowded area of the city. It took me some time to separate myself away from driving and come up with the answer.

As you have rightly guessed, my answer was freedom and sensitivity.

Freedom and sensitivity are the two things which I think make my existence meaningful.

Freedom and sensitivity

The first part of the answer is quite easy to understand- freedom. Ife begins at freedom and yes, life ends if it is gone. We do not realise this importance of freedom because either we have it most of the times or we are not courageous enough to demand our freedom. Freedom is simply beautiful. It is risky, at times, but the risk is worth taking. When we have freedom, and if we use it properly, there is immense possibility to blossom. Freedom brings a tremendous potential to transform ourselves and others. Freedom gives life possibilities.

What about sensitivity? Why sensitivity is required in our lives? I think, sensitivity gives meaning to the freedom we have. Freedom without sensitivity results in chaos. Freedom and sensitivity together bring order.

I feel that the biggest challenge which we have today is missing order in our society. Everyone is concerned about the missing order in the society. Activists, thinkers, leaders and so many others say that they are working hard to bring order in the society; still, the order has not yet come. Order won’t come so easily. Order comes into existence when there is freedom moderated by the sensitivity.

In our lives, we are concerned very well about freedom, but hardly bother about bringing in that sensitivity in ourselves. This gives rise to one more question- How one becomes sensitive? What leads to that sensitivity?

My experience tells, observing oneself leads to sensitivity. When we observe ourselves, we have a look at everything that is inside us- our emotions, insecurity, anger, frustration and many other things. When one looks at all this turmoil inside and starts separating oneself from it, he starts developing a sensitivity which is not put up. It comes from the understanding which this action of watching brings about.

On a personal level, I think my freedom and my sensitivity make my existence meaningful. What are the two things that make your living meaningful?





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