Google Search: Osho naked Dance

Osho had many times said that all his activities were like mirror kept in front of people to bring them to the realization that how much they are full of dirt within. I am getting experience of how truthful were word of Osho. I agree when Osho says that all of his activities were an opportunity for people to realize what they really have within them.

A few weeks ago, I had put up a post named Osho in a nude bar which actually tells how Osho was beyond the physical world. From that day, all the Google searches like ‘Osho nude dance’, ‘Osho with nude girls’, ‘Osho naked dance’ are being directed to my website.

It means thousands of people search the above terms. It very clearly shows, how biased people are about this master who was beyond sex and all the nudity. They himself are entangled in the world of sex and nudity.

Those poor people must be getting disappointed by reading the post!






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