The Guest: PHOTOLOGY Entry by Mr. Kanak Datye

The Guest by Mr. Kanak Datye
The Guest by Mr. Kanak Datye

Today, I am waiting for the guest. Two chairs I have put up, one for me, and the other for the guest. Seems god is kind, he has sent the rains to welcome the guest. I have chosen the finest venue as the guest is precious; rarely he comes. When he comes, it is very difficult to hold him, to make him stay. Some nuisance from my side, and he simply goes away.

I wait for the guest, so that he comes; even if he comes for a moment, it helps me survive for few weeks. After that, again I am : restless, waiting for the guest.

Have you ever wondered, who is this guest? This guest is my true nature, its me, the way naturally I am . How many days have passed since you met yourself last time? How many years have passed, and you have been ignoring your inner voice?

Today, sadly, we are our own guests, coming sometime in a while. otherwise, we are away from ourselves. constantly listening to the noise and rubbish going around.

Can you remember when did you meet the guest the last time?


Kanak Datye
Kanak Datye

About The Photographer:

Kanak is a photographer and actor presently based in San Diego, originally from Pune, India


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