Its an honor

It has been a brutal truth that the nation or society which advances spiritually, is taken over by some other nation or some other community. Most of the times, a holy man is a failure as far as his social and economic life is concerned. Holy people are troubled the most by the society. Holy communities are harassed the most in this world. It has been always a fact that those people who go high in consciousness, they vanish from the world, they get conquered from others.

For quite a long time, this made me sad. Yesterday, while reading a book named Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran, I came across a wonderful line-

It an honor of the one being murdered that he is not a murderer.

I was just touched by this statement. I soon came to realize that some things in themselves are the reward. We serve food to poor people thinking that we will get the reward in the next life. The fact is, the act itself is reward. If you are expecting for the reward, then you have missed the point. All your service is useless if you are still looking for the reward. Reward was given you only at the time of service.

You are not a murderer. That is a big reward. What else you want? You are not the one who is murdering someone. So, this is an honor. This is biggest blessing you can get.

When you serve someone, you are serving and I think it is biggest reward that you are allowed to serve. What else you want? But the tragedy is, people serve others and expect some reward. In this very expecting, the reward is missed.

I often look at babies. When they dance, they dance with so much totality, that the dancing is the only reward. They do not say that we are dancing so beautifully, we at least get some reward. When any act is done with totality, the act itself is the reward. Same is the truth with those who get conquered in the world. Its an honor that they are not the one who are conquering others! And I agree, its a big reward!!





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