Joy is inside you

A dog is always happy when he is sucking a bone.For the dog, the bone is always juicy.If wee look at the reality, when a dog licks a bone with his tongue, his own blood comes out due to his tongue being rubbed with the bone.The poor dog thinks that the blood is coming out of the bone and keeps on enjoying his own blood.Man is doing same with the concept of joy.

Chinese symbol for joy

We always get joy from some out side source. From other people, places, movies, music, books and everything else.From the very beginning it has been taught to us that you must seek joy in outside things or to be more precise, you should seek joy somewhere else.This is what we are doing for ages-we are dependent on outside things for being happy or for being joyous.

We can say that these thing, on which we are dependent  for being happy are like the bone that the dog sucks.These things are just an excuse or a trigger to bring things out.If I am happy with some person it means that this person triggers out the joy; it does not mean that the joy is coming out from this person.A very interesting thing that we always observe is that some person are happy after listening to a particular song which other person may find totally boring.It simply means that joy is not the quality of the song.If it would have been, then every one should be happy after listening the song. But this never happens because a particular song can trigger happiness in a particular person or a group of persons with same psychological mind states.

The cause  of all suffering is this misconception- joy comes from outside. Joy never comes from outside; it is there inside you.But we are dependent on external factors to get it triggered. Spirituality teaches nothing but the art of being joyous without any external agency. Why should we need any external thing to feel the thing that is already inside us?

And one more thing is that suffering starts only due to this misconception.When outside conditions change, a person whom you love love a lot goes away, the trigger goes away.This absence of trigger in greater sense gives rise to all the byproducts- anger, jealousness,hatred.

The best way is to create a state where you need no external agency to kick out the joy within you. To be joyous is our basic nature….why should we need a reason to be joyous?



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  1. dipti Avatar

    hv u noticed…a baby is always happy wid itself….wid d surroundibgs….it finds happiness in absolutely evrythn around it….bt as we grow….we observe pple around us…we r taught a particular thng is good….a particular thng is nt….we start having expectations from ourselves and from others…. n dats wat kills happiness….if we do not expect, there’s no reason to feel bad….dat i thnk is d key to happiness…to joy….do wat u feel like doin n dont expect people to be like u or to do as u want them to….

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Are tu pan bhari philosopher ahes…..bharich na…

  3. Siddhanth Murdeshwar Avatar
    Siddhanth Murdeshwar

    Bhaari mandar…!!m proud of u..:)

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