Keep on Moving…..

I remember a very beautiful couplet from an Indian mystics, Kabira which says,

“One who falls down while walking is not the person to be blamed. He who just sits, is worthy of the blames.”

I totally agree with Kabira when he says that you cannot be blamed if you fall down while walking. But, the sad thing today is, people are finding excuses to just sit. People are not ready to walk. I am talking all this  in spiritual context. Society today is stagnant as far as spiritual progress is concerned.

May be, too much of knowledge is preventing man from going in any direction. Man now can find mistakes in almost all religions. He can find out inconsistencies in the teachings of all masters. Intellectuals are just trying to find out reasons for not to be religious. The trust is disappeared.

When I say this, I am not promoting any kind of superstitions, nor I am condemning rationality. I on the other hand request people to be rational. But, while being rational, One point should always be noted that some matters cannot be digested by us. In some certain cases, things are beyond our level of understanding. We need trust, these times. Our rationality will just confuse us and it would make us stagnant.

In the old days, even intellectuals used to have a master. They many a times used to think that the master is talking inconsistent. But, these intellectuals knew that  the inconsistency is caused by the mind. They trusted the master and went along with him.

It is trust which keeps us moving and mind which makes us stagnant. Just keep on moving……..





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