Manneys Booksellers Closing down……..

I love my books and I also love the shops from where I get them. Pune has many big book seller chains such as Landmark and Crosswords. But, to be honest, I do not like these shops as much as I like Manneys Booksellers. At Landmark or Crosswords, books are being sold; where as in Manneys, you can feel the presence of books.

Manik Mani of Manneys Booksellers

When I was new in Pune, I used to visit this shop once a week to get the books which I could find in no other shop. The more touching part is, Manik Mani, the 68 years old grandpa, who is owner of the shop would always come with me to show the books with one hand on my shoulder. I have never seen such a caring and loving bookseller.

Manneys Booksellers have announced their closing discount to sell the entire shop. I immediately rushed to the shop. People were buying huge piles of books. Everyone was finding out whatever he wanted to get. Some people were buying 2 or 3 boxes of books. everyone was sad and everyone was saying it that he or she was sad. Manik was helping people as he always did with same love and care and smile.

I was feeling as if Manneys was breaking away in parts, people were snatching them away. I would not dare to see Moledina Road without Manneys Booksellers there…..





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