Musical Events/Workshops/Talks

Mandar and Dakshayani are both performers. They are always busy interacting with audience and performing through different platforms.

The performances include:

Pune International Literary Festival
Pune International Literary Festival
  1. Musical discourses- on different saints like Kabir, Meera, Tukaram, Guru Nanak etc. Musical discourses are a combination of philosophy, insights blended with soothing music, based on Indian Classical Music.
  2. Talks- We do talks on a variety of topics, right from meditation and mindfulness to love and work-life balance. The talks are insightful, actionable and motivating the audience to discover the true essence of their lives.
  3. Kirtans- Kirtan is a traditional form of storytelling, which also effectively uses music for the enlightenment of the audience. Mandar and Dakshayani are trained Kirtankaras and have been doing Kirtans on various topics, spiritual as well as related to awareness.

For organizing events, talks, please write to mandar[at]mandarkaranjkar[dot]com