What is the net worth of your life?

They say everything in this world is measurable. What is the net worth of our lives then?

Development and progress have helped us a lot to improve the quality of life. It is a fact that life today is much comfortable and luxurious than what it was years ago. Of course, the credit goes to the development.

Development has many advantages and also a few disadvantages which are worth not to be overlooked. One of the gravest disadvantages of development is that it taught us to measure everything in terms of money.

I am not against money and I always keep on saying that money is the inseparable part of our lives. It has a utility value which nothing else can replace. While saying so, we should not forget that it is just a utility and there are many things in life which cannot be replaced by money.

Have you ever tasted the pleasure of getting someone back on the right path?

Or pleasure of adding immense value by doing some unique contribution?

Or pleasure of bringing a change?

If the answer is yes, you already know that these kinds of satisfactions cannot be bought by money.

This takes me back to the question which we were talking about- What is the net worth of our lives.

Is it sum of money that we earn over time? Is it sum of net worth of all our assets? Our net worth is something which cannot be separated from us. Our money, assets, estate add to the luxury of our life, not to its value. Net worth of a primary teacher can be much higher than an engineer. It is quite hilarious and sad to see people around who bother much about money and other luxuries in life but completely neglect the ‘net worth’ of their lives.

What do we need today?

People earning more money or people bringing more change?

People piling assets or people adding value?

For those who are afraid of living life without money-

If you go after increasing your net worth, money and luxuries are bound to come to you. The converse is not true!

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