Osho Zen Insight for doctors

Osho is an ocean of insights. While reading any of the books by Osho, the reader gets hundreds of insights. In particular, when Osho talks about Zen saints and their unique anecdotes, reader can expect huge bundles of insights. Of course, reader has to be alert to catch these Zen insights by Osho.

Osho- the Zen Master
Osho- the Zen Master

Osho in his book Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen, says that our entire system works in a reverse way. To put up his point firmly, he gives example of the medical system every where around the world. Osho points out that everywhere, the patient pays money when he falls sick. Whereas, he says that in the days of Lao Tsu, the system was exactly opposite. Each person used to give his doctor a certain amount of money for being healthy through out the year. If the person fell sick, he used to cut the amount to be given to the doctor.

This insight, obtained from Osho while reading a Zen book is really outstanding. A doctor should always be paid for keeping us healthy and not sick. If you pay a doctor when you fall sick, he will take care that you are sick for the most of the time.

I like Zen and Osho for this out of world thoughts. May be, these are insights received in a thoughtless state. I do not know if we can implement all these insights given by Osho or by Zen masters in our daily lives. But yes, if we cannot, that’s really sad.

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