Philosophy-The most useless thing

To  increase his level of consciousness has always been the priority of humans. At the same time to preserve his own ego also comes along. Between these two tendencies of his own, trapped is the man. The whole life of man is captured between these to priorities. The worst part of the situation is that man starts this journey of pursuing his eternal quest and one step towards eternal initiates a hundred towards the aim of pursuing his ego.

Philosophy is the journey towards ultimate truth. There is a basic difference between philosophy and mysticism. The divine cannot be brought into the words. Philosophy tries to do so. Philosophy tries either to make an ideology or a doctrine of the truth.

Tao which can be said is not the eternal tao

Are the words of Lao Tsu.One who tries to bring the truth into words or rather one who tries to reach up to the truth through the words has been a failure in this life. Approach of a mystic is that of seeing the things rather than thinking on them or try to find out a rule or an ideology for them. The whole can never be contained by a part, but yes, the part can dissolve itself and be one with the sea. This is the difference lying between the philosophy and the mysticism.

The fun is that, when you try to analyze something through your philosophy or when you try to study a situation, you are making it a subject of your mind. Truth as everyone knows, cannot be made a subject of mind, because truth is not comprehensible by the mind. Mysticism focuses totally on shattering the mind. Many sects describe truth as something which can be received in no mind.

This aim of satisfying ego comes through mind. So when someone tries to fulfill his aim of increasing his consciousness through his mind, mind uses this very knowledge of philosophy to fulfill its ego. So, the people who ever tried to go towards the truth through their philosophy, were at first very high in their spirits but at the end were disappointed and on the verge of going mad.

The very purpose of knowledge is to release. Many a times the knowledge of philosophy binds the person who studies it. This fact brings all the mystics to same conclusion that philosophy is really a useless thing






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