The Lost Wonder: PHOTOLOGY Entry by Mr. Gaurav Chingale

The Lost Wonder by Gaurav Chingale
The Lost Wonder by Gaurav Chingale

We have simply lost our ability to wonder. The reason is, we know everything. They say knowledge is good. Is it really that good? Don’t you think our knowledge has taken away one of the most fundamental rights of ours from us, the right to wonder?

Leave knowledge aside, what we call knowledge is nothing but information. It is worthwhile to loose our wonder for our knowledge; is our wonder so cheap that we loose it just for information?

Look at the babies; they look at the flying birds with wonder, with owe. We know everything about how the birds fly; but the cost is, we lost the wonder. Babies look at rising and setting son so beautifully, filled with wonder. And we, we know that sun is a gas of hydrogen and helium and the mesmerizing light coming out is nothing but some bloody nuclear fusion process which goes on there.

The question is, can we watch a sun-set or a sunrise, or flying birds as totally and as intently as this baby does? I really doubt! I guess, we should start learning from babies, their eyes, their fists and the way they walk. It will certainly make us more human!




Gaurav Chingale
Gaurav Chingale

About the Photographer:

Hello, I am Gairav Chingale. I am occupied by varied things like photography, singing, playing different musical instruments, reading and introspecting. I firmly believe that continuous improvement is the only way to Perfection, and hence try to be better than what I was the day before. Making each day count, is the motto of my life, which keeps me constantly motivated and propels me to perform much more than what is expected out of me.

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