Chaste Eyes : PHOTOLOGY Entry by Ms. Kanchi Bhawalkar

The Chaste Eyes by Kanchi Bhawalkar
The Chaste Eyes by Kanchi Bhawalkar

Look at these eyes!

They are pure, chaste.

Not yet corrupted by any religion, not conditioned by any caste. They don’t know as of yet what fear means. We too had such chaste eyes year ago; we also had this purity and this awe in our eyes.

Who took it away from us? How could we loose one of the most precious things we ever had?

We get corrupted by the world and the trades which go on here. Our education corrupts us, our relatives corrupt us. Teacher are the ones who should keep this chastity intact; alas, they are far better than others at snatching it away from us.

When I see these eyes, utterly pure and vast, I close my eyes and try to find out when did I have such eyes?  Maybe around twenty years ago!

How can I get this chastity back? Where has it gone?

When I sit silently and ponder over it, I realize that it is gone nowhere; no one can take away your chastity  from you. Nothing can snatch it away. Certainly, some dust is gathered on it; the dust has made it invisible. Be a little aware- understand your fears, conditioning, beliefs and just get rid of them. Your chaste eyes are waiting for you!

Kanchi Bhawalkar
Kanchi Bhawalkar

About Photographer:

Kanchi Bhawalkar is a young and energetic photographer from Pune, India. A computer engineer by profession, playing with her camera is what Kanchi loves the most!


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