Long Way to Go: PHOTOLOGY Entry By Ms. Tanvi Jadhav

Long Way to Go by Tanvi Jadhav
Long Way to Go by Tanvi Jadhav

So much I have traveled, yet, long way to go.

The search for happiness seems to be endless. Miles have been walked, but no glimpse of the destination. Where do you reside, happiness? At the end of this endless, curvy road?

I passed literally hundreds of such turns, hoping each of them was the last. After taking each turn, i was tired, frustrated and bored. Where is the happiness which I am looking for? Is it the right road?

I need some answer. Clueless, I look around. The grass is so beautiful; for miles I ignored it. I walked on the way, looking straight, not allowing my eyes to ponder over these beautiful trees and grass.

Tired, I sit under a tree, relaxed after many years. Through this relaxation, this state of stillness- not running behind anything, happiness pop-ups.

I have stopped my pursuit. I sit silently under the tree, watching this endless road, and loads of people passing on it, in pursuit of happiness…….

Ms. Tanvi Jadhav
Ms. Tanvi Jadhav

About The Photographer

Tanvi is always ready with her bag packed to explore new destinations and catch them in her camera. She loves cycling. Her camera and her cycle are probably the most valuable things in her life!


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