Spread The Wings: PHOTOLOGY Entry by Mr. Rajiv

SPread Out Wings by Mr. Rajiv
Spread Out Wings by Mr. Rajiv

The nest is so comfortable, why should I leave it?

The nest is secure, well protected, should I take the risk to spread out my wings and explore the sky?

Always remember, not taking the risk is the biggest risk. The life is is something to be lived and enjoyed with rigor. The warmth of safety and security is what protects us from spreading our wings. When Thomas Edison spent loads of money and his time to design a bulb, he was taking a huge risk; But, only after taking the risk, the sky opens up. Only after stepping int the unknown, something valuable is found.

We are all like this bird; confused- whether to step out or not. The one who has wings, should never be afraid of the support and security; he doesn’t need it, he can fly and conquer the sky! Keep aside the confusion, open you wings and start the journey. When the life is about to end, the one who has taken risks dies satisfactorily. Success is something which is not in our hands but utilizing the opportunity is certainly is!



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