Pt. Jasraj – The voice of god

This is the second article which I am writing about Pt. Jasraj and his divine voice. The first article can be found here . The reason for writing the same article about the voice of this famous musician of India is, it is impossible to describe the charm which his voice has in even many articles. Indian Classical Music is full of maestros like Pt. Kumar Gandharva , Kishori Amonkar , Bhimsen Joshi etc. All these maestros are great in their places. There is no question of making any comparison in between them. But still, if someone asks me about the quality of voice, I would raise my hand for Pt. Jasraj.

Pt. Jasraj

I have been listening to Pt. Jasraj for quite long. I have heard a great number of his recordings from the olden days. What separates Pt. Jasraj from others is, even in his olden recordings, when sound systems were poor, his voice sounds divine. Right now he is in his early eighties. I listen to his live concerts at platforms like Sawai Gandharva Music Festival.

Even in his eighties. Pt. Jasraj has the most sonorous voice I have heard. The divine voice is not the only thing which makes Pt. Jasraj one of my favorite artists. Truly speaking, a good voice is never considered as a pre requisite for Indian Classical Music. Its an added feature.  But still, a good voice is a god’s gift. Ability to use such a good voice properly is even a greater gift. Pt. Jasraj has received both of these gifts from the God.





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