Pt. Mukul Shivputra and Laughing Kumar Gandharva

To welcome the rains, a wonderful concert by Pt. Mukul Shivputra was organised at Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune. It is a rare chance to listen to Pt. Mukul Shivputra. He had given a glimpse of his divine voice and unmatched rendering to the music lovers of Pune in a concert organised at Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha on the occasion of birth anniversary of Pt. Kumar Gandharva.

Without much publicity, the concert was flooded with listeners with no tickets remaining. The typical crowd of devoted listeners reminded me of concerts of Pt. Kumar Gandharva.  The stage was decorated simply with a few flower garlands and a photograph of Pt. Kumar Gandharva, laughing.

Concert started with no formality. Pt. Mukul Shivputra had come with a determination of quenching thirst of his listeners. He was rendering each note of the Raga in unique way. Hall was full of matured crowd. It was a perfect occasion to go inside- divine notes, a genius at his peak, a mind at the bottom of its depth.  Pt. Mukul Shivputra was creating magic. The notes were resonating in the atmosphere. Their aura was getting multiplied and among these tides of notes, I was caught.

A few years ago, i used to feel sad about Pt. Kumar Gandharva and Pt. Mukul Shivputra. That day, I laughed. Pt. Mukul Shivputra is beyond the mundane, because music he creates leaves mundane behind. Let him be anywhere; his music will always keep him above the normal world.

It was a satisfaction to listen to Pt. Mukul Shivputra. A soul of waves was dancing in the waves of music. The music he created waved hundreds of his listeners.

That day, I was laughing, Pt. Kumar Gandharva was laughing looking at his son going deeper and deeper in the ocean of music, and Mukul, he had gone far ahead of us……..

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  1. Gopal Baliga Avatar
    Gopal Baliga

    I really missed this event . Can some one create a blog to track his forthcoming events concerts so that interested listener can attend. also list all recordings available on CD and where we can order ?

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