Raaga Charukeshi……

The one thing I love most about Indian classical music is that, each Raaga has a soul in it.It is not that a Raaga is only a combination of notes,but apart from it, it has a soul.The job of artist is to discover this soul,to make it apparent.Each Raaga has something to say to you-something which establishes the very flavour of that Raaga.But, some of the Raaga are really saints,just as we have them in us humans.These saints are really strange-living their lives,not wanting to publicize it.Their life has grace which can be felt by any passer by.

Charukeshi is such a saint-neglected one.Very few musicians will agree this conclusion of mine,but ya,if Raagas are considered analogous to humans,Charukeshi is a saint.The very first difference is that,the flavour of Charukeshi is gone when it is sought.It is there…..very mild…..sublime….but if one tries to get it deliberately,by force,it is gone.This is the beauty of the Raaga.Other thing is that,through this Raaga,a very deep trust in existence is portrayed.The message from the Raaga is same as that obtained from Bhagwadgita-work hard but leave the result in the hands of Existence.That your role is up to doing it totally.Charukeshi transmits this feeling-of working with so totality that you remain no longer to expect the results.

Charukeshi is a song-of utter trust.It does not have any complaint,nor suffering.Charukeshi is an acceptance.In other words,it is sacred yes to the divine…….



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