Replacement is not the answer……..

Human shields greeted as they cross the border into Iraq

Change change change……..this what we want.No one is happy with what he is.No one is contented with what he is.What everyone wants is change.Ya I appreciate change if it is in the form of transformation.Replacement is not the way.If we replace today, we will again need the replacement after some days.The very reason is that replacement is not the answer.

This attitude of man should be replaced rather than any of his body part.Man is not ready to change himself at any cost.The most tragic part is that man is on the verge of forgetting the fact that humanity is not a destination but a bridge.A constant transformation is needed.But very sadly,humanity has developed a tendency of being stagnant.

Friedrich Nietzsche had developed a term named ‘super human’.He thought that the ultimate purpose of humanity is that every human should be like this super human.But I don’t believe in becoming anything.For me,each person, as he is , is valuable.What we need is a bit of transformation, a bit of vision, a bit of meditation.

Rather than changing or replacing any of his parts,what humans need is a deep understanding of his each and every part.

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